Bartosz Skibinski - Lead Instructor

To me, the extraordinary aspect of martial arts lies in its simplicity.

The easy way is also the right way..."

-Kunii Zen'ya-

Bartek has a 3rd Dan Aikido Aikikai certificate. He started learning Martial arts when he was 12, and has practiced Aikido for over 23 years. He has consistently studied extensively with highest level teachers both in Europe and Japan. In 2017 he graduated from the Shiseikan instructor seminar, a selective intensive Kashima no Tachi and Aikido training led by the Shiseikan director, aimed at developing future teachers. During the years of research he has branched out to study other forms of martial arts and combat including: Karate, Judo, Sistema, KravMaga, WCS.

These experiences have informed his understanding and practice of Aikido, helping him to better discern were effective technique lies, versus idealised form. A strong influence outside Aikido has founder of WarfareCombatSystem, with whom Bartek has trained in live seminars and online. He incorporates his teachings especially in his private coaching clients.

Bartek's extensive knowledge of how to teach physical skills has been also corroborated by years of coaching climbing to kids and adults. He holds numerous coaching awards in climbing, mountaineering and kayaking. His passion for the outdoors and Climbing has a resonance with the respect and awe for nature essential to Shinto worldview, and embedded in much of traditional Japanese culture. His perspective in Martial Arts is centred on efficacy.

'I deeply cherish the connections I have formed with people during training, these are strong friendships which can withstand long distance and, at times, years of not seeing each other. Their quality and intensity have true meaning in my life.'

Irene Cena - Main Instructor

Irene holds a 3rd Dan Aikido Aikikai certificate. She has practiced Aikido and Kashima no Tachi since 2010. She has practiced extensively with Paul Smith (6th Dan Aikikai) as well as Japanese teachers from Shiseikan dojo, during international seminars as well as a private visit to Japan.

Irene's background is in dance, having practiced classical ballet and contemporary dance from a young age and completed a degree in Dance from TrinityLaban, one of Britain's top Dance universities. Her love for movement and physical skill has been developed by over ten years of study in Somatic Practices, disciplines in which the body is studied from the perspective of personal experience, rather than looked at or analysed from the outside. The learning methods of such disciplines include mindful movement, therapeutic touch, and experiential anatomy. She is a certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, and has taught body and movement awareness classes for adults.

Her perspective on Martial arts is focused on self development, self mastery, and interpersonal communication.

'I love training and learning something so practical, I get almost immediate feedback if my technique worked or not, it helps me focus and be in the present.'